Ideas Accelerator – Berkeley, CA [BLOG]

Launched in April 2018, Reimagine Lab takes place over six months with 16 fellows that to come together over five monthly design labs. The Ideas Accelerator comes at the midpoint of the design lab experience and at a point when the fellows are beginning their “ideation” phase of the design process.

The objectives of Ideas Accelerator are to:
• Develop cross-sector strategies for how other sectors can engage in the mission of Reimagine Lab.
• With the mission in mind, develop strategies for the DV field to affect change at different levels in a person’s life: home, community, institutions, and society.
• Provide fellows with new ideas, strategies and collaborations that can be implemented in their own work.
• Expose stakeholders to human-centered design process (HCD).

The work from the Reimagine Lab and this Ideas Accelerator align the Blue Shield of California Foundation’s emerging strategy to break cycles of domestic violence, and will contribute to broader community’s efforts to reimagine prevention.